by Debbie Hodge When I want to sit down and scrapbook but I haven’t preplanned, I need scrapbook page ideas — I need quick ideas. I’ve found these ideas comes from 6 general sources for me: product, technique, design, page elements, topic prompts, and outside inspiration.

See this layout by Celeste Smith in "7 ideas for using ephemera on your pages."

1. Do something new with scrapbooking product.

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2. Try a new technique or use a familiar technique in a new way.

Doris Sander goes "technique-crazy" in her self-paced class "Scraproom with a View."

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3. Look for new ways to render the elements (journaling, embellishments, photos, title) on your canvas.

See the many ways to use journaling strips on your pages, including drawing the eye as Karen Grunberg does here.

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4. Try out a new design approach.

Here's one of 5 ideas in "5 composition approaches to try . . ." in which I arrange my page elements around a vertical axis.

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5. Scrapbook a prompted topic.

Tami Taylor takes 20 aspects of words and then presents you with 12 ideas for page topics for each of these 20 aspects in her self-paced class "Get Inspired by Words."

Choose something that pushes you, something challenges you, or something that you just hadn’t thought of, before. You can find new topic ideas by searching the internet for “journaling jar” “scrapbook challenge,” and “journaling prompts.” Here are a few topic ideas that we’ve got for you:

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6. Go looking for inspiration.

Seeing how Lisa Dickinson finds and applies inspiration always surprises me and motivates me to scrapbook. See what she did with a wine bottle label.

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