by Debbie Hodge

Do you plan out where to put your scrapbook page journaling as you start a page? Or do you figure it out as you go? Or do you reach the end and say: “Yikes! I don’t have any room for my journaling?” I do all three. You’d think I’d get in a habit of some planning since I usually have a lot of journaling to include. Several scrapbook page ideas for your journaling follow.


1. Put your scrapbook journaling on a tag.

Journaling on this scrapbook page sits on a bird-shaped tag.


2. Put your journaling on your background canvas or mat.

A few lines of journaling sit on the orange mat holding the photo block, title, and other elements.


3. Put your journaling on photos.

This is one of those pages for which I didn


4. Put your journaling on a piece of paper layered into your design.

The journaling for this page is printed to an aged index card and layered in with the other elements.


5. Put your journaling on strips.

Three strips hold the journaling for this page. They are placed with right justification and small ornaments anchoring each.


6. Put your journaling on extended photo mats.

Each of the photos on

7. Put your journaling along the edge of and around other photos & elements.

A line of journaling runs between two rows of photos on


8. Place your scrapbook page journaling to create a border.

The journaling here runs around the page canvas.


9. Hide your scrapbook page journaling.

Some journaling is presented on the tag tucked into a folded piece of paper which includes even more (hidden) journaling — see the image below for the fold-out.


10. Put your scrapbook page journaling anywhere you can!

On this page, I had so many details of my own plus reports from the news that I wanted to include that I ended up filling up several blocks on the layout with my journaling.



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