Fashion and home decor and craft trends come out of a number of things, including current events, social issues, the economy, entertainments, and technology.

When you use trendy motifs, patterns, materials and techniques on your scrapbooking pages, you’re adding details that evoke the times in which they were made.

If you’ve been scrapbooking for more than a few years, pull out a few old layouts. What motif, print, or technique calls out: hey! remember when you loved me? Maybe it’s an eyelet or a sticker or a scallop-edged photo. Get on the current trend wagon now, so that later on you can pull out a  page and know that was the year you got your electronic die cutter or learned how to do digital extractions or loved chevrons. Not sure what’s trendy? Here’s a look at the trends we’ve covered over the last year.

1. Banners 2. Bold Stripes 3. Bohemian styles
4. Bursts 5. Chevron Prints 6. Clashing Print Patterns
7. Doilies 8. Faux Bois (aka, woodgrain) 9. Feathers
10. Geometric Shapes 11. Hexagons 12. Infographics
13. Meme Trends 14. Mint, Border Prints & Fox 15. Menswear-Inspired Patterns
16. Painterly Looks 17. Patchwork 18. Subway Art
19. Stripes with Punchy Floral  20. Talk Bubbles