by Tami Taylor

On the 1st Friday of each month, Tami Taylor gives you a round up sketches from the past three years of “One Month at a Time”.

I’ve been scrapbooking “one month at a time” for three years now and I’ve got 3 years worth of prompts, sketches and layered templates for you.

Prompts 2010 Sketch 2010 Layered Template 2010
Prompts 2011 Sketch 2011 Layered Template 2011
Prompts 2012 Sketch 2012 Layered Template 2012

Looking back, I can see that March is always a time of “outdoors.”  It seems we all get a case of cabin fever in the Taylor house. It’s not surprising after a cold winter with a house full of boys! And yes the winters in Vegas do get cold, so when March arrives and spring is officially here – so are the outdoor shots with more natural lighting and lots of action (I did say a house full of boys!). Here’s my page from last year:


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