by Debbie Hodge

Looking for inspiration and original touches for your scrapbook pages?

Etsy stores are full of low cost items in small lots that are perfect for perking up your scrapbooking stash. 

Book Pages

Get a bundle of book pages — you pick the language and even the amount of aging you’d like. Check out these ideas for crafting with book pages and then punch, cut, shape or even print on your etsy finds. (LoveDove Trading has offered our reader a 15% discount at her store with code SCRAPBOOK. Click here.)


These are from LoveDove Trading. $6 for 150 pages. Source.


Use appliques to add a hit of color, texture and retro appeal. They’re a great way to pump up theme since they come in so many motifs. Check out ideas for the star motif.


From Chock-a-Block. $5 for 4. Source.

Hand-dyed Doilies

Doiles work as both foundation and accent and we’ve got scrapbook page ideas and craft ideas for using them. For those of us who haven’t invested in mist or dyes, it’s great to get doilies already hand-dyed and ready to use.


Hand dyed doilies from 42 Things. $5 for set of 10.  Source.

Jewelry findings – spacer beads

Small and pretty, spacer beads are a great “tiny” embellishment. Fasten them down with colorful brads for an eclectic look or top with gems for a vintage look. Punctuate your title or sprinkle them for flow. See our ideas for using little embellishments on your scrapbook pages.


Spacer beads from solivio. $2.25 for 10. Source.

Leaf-topped sewing pins

Fastening your elements to the page — by sewing, stapling, taping or pinning! — is a great way to add little polishing touches to the page. These leaf pins are great for spring and fall pages, for pages about growth and about nature. 


Leaf-topped sewing pins from CottonSpill. Approx $4 for 60. Source.

Vintage map triangles

When an Etsy crafter puts their spin on ephemera you end up with ready-made ideas. Use these triangle map pieces to define a burst, create a foundation, or to add a banner/bunting treatment


7 Vintage Map Triangles from Second Star Supplies. $3.50 for 7.  Source.

Link us up to your pages made with Etsy finds, and tell us your favorite stores at Etsy.