By Paula Gilarde

If you’re not a big fan of your own handwriting, or if you just prefer the look of typed journaling, here are 5 ways to get computer printed journaling onto your scrapbook pages–without a wide-format printer.

1. Use printed tags or journaling spots.

Pre-printed tags or journaling spots don’t have to be just for handwriting – you can also use your computer. See “How to Get Computer-Printed Journaling onto Decorative Tags” for step-by-step directions.

Layout by Paula Gilarde

Another option is to use a digital label or journaling spot where you print your journaling directly onto a digital label and print both. You have even more flexibility with this option because you can control the size of your digital element to fit the size of your journaling. Check out “Using Digital Labels and Jounaling Spots on Paper Layouts” for detailed directions.

Layout by Paula Gilarde

2. Use printed journaling strips

One of my favorite methods of adding computer journaling is to cut my text block into strips.  When I type up my journaling to use for strips I always make sure that I leave enough spacing between the lines so that they are legible when I cut them apart. For more great ideas on how to use journaling strips on your page, have a look at “How to Use Journaling Strips to Rock Your Page Design.”

Layout by Paula Gilarde


3. Print directly on the canvas.

If you have a wide-format printer, you can print your journaling directly onto the background canvas as I have done here.

Layout by Paula Gilarde

If you don’t have a wide-format printer, don’t despair! Be just a little strategic about your composition, and you have lots of options for adding printed journaling directly to the canvas.

To add journaling to “Storyland,” I cut my background paper into two pieces horizontally — so that either would fit into a regular printer and printed the journaling. I pieced it back together after printing, covering up the seam with a strip of patterned paper that fit with my design. Bet you can’t see it!

Layout by Paula Gilarde

4. Add text to your photos.

Another method of adding computer journaling that requires a little more advanced planning is to add the journaling directly to your photos.

You could use digital word art  as I did in on “10 Things to Love About Summer,” or you could even type your text directly on your photo before printing it out.

Layout by Paula Gilarde

5. Use a printed journaling block.

Let’s not forget the most basic of method of adding computer journaling — a text block. Simply type your journaling using Word or Photoshop, print it out, and trim to size before adding to a layout. This is especially useful for longer stories.

Layout by Paula Gilarde