by Michelle Houghton

This is the third installment of my comparison of alcohol markers.

  • In the first article I gave you the facts, comparing 4 brands of markers and examining Spectrum Noir markers more closely.
  • In the second article I took a closer look at Letraset Trio markers.
  • In this article I want to share a newer marker out there: the Shin Han, **Touch Twin Brush marker.

I want to also remind you one last time that these are my opinions.  I am comparing the Twin Touch Brush to my own Copic Sketch markers because that is the brand I am the most familiar with.

Shin Han **Touch Twin Brush Marker

Looking at the marker body, there are many similarities to Copic markers.

    • The marker has a rectangular body that fits well in my hand.
    • The ends are colored the same color of the ink inside and marked with the number and color name.
    • These markings appear to be embossed but are very small so I am not sure how well they will hold up over time.
    • The side of the marker has small images indicating which tip is at which end, and the brush end leaves a slight gap that shows gray for easy grabbing.
    • One feature I am not sure about is the shape of the cap.  The cap curves downward on the front and back of the marker.  This threw me off and I kept trying to close the top with it turned sideways.

While I am certain there is some reasoning behind the Shin Han numbering system, I was unable to find much information to decipher it. 

I purchased Y34, Y35 and YR24 going by the color chart on the site where I made my purchase.  The Copics that are most similar in my set are Y15, Y19 and YR16.  I went back to try to figure out the numbering system at the Shin Han site and was disappointed to not find the information easily.  In fact I could not find any information.  At first glance the numbering is  different from the Copic numbering system, however I am not certain how exactly it differs.


Below I have used my Copic Multiliner SP to created a small bird to color with both my Touch Twin Brush and Copic Sketch markers.

I was extremely pleased with the blending of the Touch Twin Brush.  I did luck out on my colors and picked a good set, but was very excited with the rich color, good saturation and easy blending.

I would say that of all the brands I’ve looked at, these were definitely the closest to my Copic markers with regard to ease of blending.   Below is my example of the same bird colored with my Copic markers.

The advantages of the Touch Twin Brush marker

  • Smooth blending
  • High quality body
  • Price!

The disadvantages to the Touch Twin Brush marker:

  • Marking very small on the ends
  • Questions on the numbering system

Overall I have to say for the cost these are a spectacular marker.  If someone wanted to save some dollars and get into alcohol markers I would recommend the Shin Han, Touch Twin Brush markers highly!

**Shin Han also makes a Touch Twin marker that does not have a brush tip but a bullet tip.  You can find more details on this marker at the Shin Han web site. [mhoughton]