by Debbie Hodge

I love making multi-photo scrapbook pages. I frequently use the following approach to bring several photos together on well-designed pages quickly. I consider size, shape and orientation and include repetitions that will make the page feel cohesive AND I incorporate some bit of variation to provide emphasis and interest. (Learn more about the design principle of repetition.)

Your Tourguides Today

This page holds 5 photos. Three small equally-size portrait-oriented photos support two larger photos. The larger photos have a landscape orientation and are both the same size.

  • repetition: size and rectangular shape.
  • variation: size and orientation.


Family Portrait

Three small and equally sized photos support one large focal-point photo.

  • repetition: rectangular shape, size
  • variation: orientation (one small photo is portrait) while all others are landscape


Dancing at the Lee Fair

This page features three photos. All are square but they are each a different size with those sizes sequentially varying by 1/2”.

  • repetition: square shape
  • variation: size (4”, 4.5”, 5”)



The Challenges of Today

Four small, equally-sized, portrait-oriented photos support on large landscape photo.

  • repetition: rectangular shape, size, orientation
  • variation: orientation, size


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So what do you think? Do you already take this approach? Or will you try it the next time you’re making a page that will hold several photos?


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