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Classroom and download access to the entire library of 90 membership classes throughout all of 2019
for a low, one-time payment . . .

The library is full of illustrated eBooks, video lessons, designer interviews, plus sketches & templates.

6 Translating Inpsiration Classes. 18 guest teachers show you how to find inspiration in home decor, branding, architecture, nature, crafts, and book covers.

9 Story + Design Classes. 27 guest teachers use the story prompts and advanced design lessons that you'll get here and show you how they put them to work, pushing you to find your own approach.

25 Scrapbook Coach Classes. 100 video lessons walk you through making 100 pages that use 25 go-to design foundations.

42 Masterful Scrapbook Design Classes. Each class is a deep-dive into a specific topic of scrapbook page design or storytelling, including: layering, patterned paper, motif, typography, embellishing, heritage photos, double pagers, focal points, journaling, titles and SO much more. Guest designers give you a variety of angles on every topic

5 Learning Tracks. Choose your skill level and a desired goal then use these paths through the membership content to get there. Packed with lots of great video lessons and downloadable worksheets and resource guides.-day-money-back guarantee


Will you start mastering key design
and storytelling approaches?

Get an "over-the-shoulder" look at how guest teachers create. You'll soak up the advanced design and storytelling skills they use.

So what will it be? Will you give yourself this time to zoom forward with your own scrapbook design mastery? 

I am always excited to get email from Get It Scrapped because it always contains something great – announcement of a webinar, ideas for making pages, design concepts or a new class. I usually save it for last like you would a treat.

You do a fabulous job with the Membership products–well, actually with everything: customer service, the webinars, just everything. The new Look Book is phenomenal! I can only imagine the hours you put in linking up all the designers with their videos and pages.

I think long and hard before making buying decisions and I have always felt I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth at Get It Scrapped. – Janet K.

I've been a GIS member for quite a while now and love it more every day. I spent a couple of evenings last week going through the Story + Design materials, and I have to tell you it's probably one of the best collections yet. 

The story prompts were terrific! In fact as I was going through them and doing my own journaling, I asked my husband who was reading next to me what came to mind when he considered each prompt, and it generated some of the best conversations we've had in a long time. Now I can't wait to take all that journaling and use it with each of the design techniques.  -- Julie Cannon


~> Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page
~> From Photos to Scrapbook Page in 5 Steps
~> 100 Little Lifts
~> Scrapbook Page Parts Idea and Design Compendium (2017, 2018)
~> Your December Story
~> Curated Albums
~> Visual Storytelling (2014, 2016, 2017)
~> Style is Leverage (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018)
~> Scrapbook Page Layering
~> Story, Tension, Focus & Flow
~> Be Real
~> Scrapbook Your Story
~> Scrapbooking Travel & Vacation
~> Scrapbooking Events
~> Scrapbooking Everyday Life
~> Building Pages
~> 6 Story Coach Classes

Complete library of 90 membership classes
PLUS more than 20 stand-alone classes.

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    • Includes 200+ layered templates
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    • Includes 280+ recorded interviews
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    • Access to complete library of 80+
    • New classes and new live webinars
      every month.
    • Includes 200+ layered templates and
      page sketches
    • Includes 280+ recorded interviews
      with guest designers.

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