Video Interview | Doris Sander on Telling Stories with Photos of Nature | Get It ScrappedDoris Sander talked with us about her love of the outdoors and of photographing nature and how she tells stories with those photos on scrapbook pages. She also shared with us how the act of blogging has evolved for her, its place in her life now, and how her photography fits with this new role.

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A couple of great quotes from Doris:

If you pay attention to your photos you’ll see your reflection all the time.
Blogging is like an international refrigerator that you put your pictures on.
I like blogging because i’m able to tell stories in a different way. My blog started with scrapbooking and now it’s to nurture myself.

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Doris’ tips

  • Use your nature photos like blocks of patterned paper–and like embellishments.
  • Use the diptich app to get two photos on a 4×6 canvas and print directly from your phone
  • Take photos that make your everyday sights exotic. — for example the crab photo at the end of this post: