Scrapbooking ideas in the Get It Scrapped gallery this week came from our live crop, forum prompts, Scrapbook Coach classes and office hours sessions that are a part of the Get It Scrapped membership.[hr]

On February 1st, we cropped live together in a webinar room, sharing our webcams and screens and talking from 10am to midnight. Gretchen (aka StampingRooster) made “Hello Kitty” while we cropped together. 

Hello Kitty by Stamping Rooster | Bella Boulevard (Snapshots) and October Afternoon (All Boy, Girl Talk) papers; Studio Calico stamps, chip’s (leaf green); packaging tag

[hr]Doris Sander is hosting a month of favorites prompts in the forums during February and the first question she asked was about a childhood favorite toy. Melissa Shanhun made this page in answer! She said, “I had a teddy – Squeaky Ted, though it wasn’t till I was older that we discovered it squeaked!” Pop on over and answer some of Doris’ questions, yourself.

In the Get It Scrapped Gallery | Feb 2 2014

Squeaky Ted by Melissa Shanhun | Supplies: Create something beautiful from Sweet Shoppe Designs; WWC__JoieDeVivre__Template

[hr]Sparkling Allison made this page after taking the Scrapbook Coach class Criss Cross — and then she shared it in the live office hours session with Tiffany Tillman. Everyone in the session loved her use of color and the composition for this photo.

In the Get It Scrapped Gallery | Feb 2 2014

Family by Sparkling Allison | Supplies: from Studio Calico kits

[hr]Debbie Hodge posted several 2-page layouts in the community gallery in response to a question from a new community member wondering about how useful our classes are for 2-page scrapbookers.

In the Get It Scrapped Gallery | Feb 2 2014

From NH to Oxford by Debbie Hodge| Supplies: January2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee; Petals 5 by Sara Gleason; Pacifico, Bohemian typewriter fonts.

[hr]Ronnie Crowley made this page after taking the newest Scrapbook Coach Class “Three Acts.” 

In the Get It Scrapped Gallery | Feb 2 2014

WTF? by Ronnie Crowley | Supplies: Anna Aspnes – Stitched by Anna Borders Brown 1, K Hagard – Hair Day, Anita Designs – Travel Time, J Billingsley – Imagine That, M Cato – Skip With Me, Mye de Leon – Childhood, One Little Bird – Beige Like Me, Stay Tuned, Traci Stroud – Candy Store Washitape

[hr]Heather Awsumb made this page working with the Scrapbook Coach Class “Half & Half”

In the Get It Scrapped Gallery | Feb 2 2014

Drinking Micheladas by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Surf Lagoon Kit, So Fine Add on Paper Pack, Classic Cardstock Cleansing, Bead Scatterings No 4 by Katie Pertiet; Going Places by One Little Bird and The Ardent Sparrow; Up to Date by Jen Allyson; Masking Borders 2 by Lori Whitlock

[hr]Mary Kay shared Chatterbox in the membership office hours with Katie Scott to lots of admiration. We loved the titlework, the subject and how her design was perfect for the topic, the talk bubbles, the small framed photos and the page in total.

In the Get It Scrapped Gallery | Feb 2 2014

Chatterbox by Mary Kay Seckinger | Supplies by Just Jaimee

[hr]Jan Bull worked through Scrapbook Coach Three Acts to make this page and said, “Boy, this was hard. I spent a lot of time in my stash but I love the results.” We do, too!

In the Get It Scrapped Gallery | Feb 2 2014

Looking Great by Jan Bull | Supplies: click on the image to see complete supplies in the gallery.