Everyday storytelling is at its best when you include indicators of current times. One aspect of current times is technology. It affects your tools, your play, your work, and your relationships.

On the Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast this week Noell Hyman asked the panel to talk about scrapbooking “modern media” both recording how we use technology today and how we can make use of images and text that come from today’s technologies. Be sure to listen. And for more scrapbook page ideas, panelist Tami Morrison posted several on her blog.

Below are some of the pages I mentioned that I’d made during the podcast–and I put out a “drive-by” call to our Creative Team and they supplied their own “modern media” projects. In fact you’ve probably got your own pages driven by current technologies — link them up in the comments and/or post them in our gallery. We promise to give you gallery love.

Friendships are facilitated by modern technology.

Michelle Houghton says, “This page is all about my dear friend Tami and how we connected. My friendship with Tami developed online.  After moving many times as an adult, I am finding that some of my closest friends are the ones that I have met and gotten to know online.  They are always there no matter where either one of us is physically.”

“I used a whole mish-mash of supplies starting with spray mists–because they are a signature touch of my friend Tami’s pages. I added tape, twine and tags and finished with doodling which is all me.  The photos I used are our current avatars on-line so this is how we “see” each other most of the time!”

Friends Always by Michelle Houghton | Supplies: carstock;Bazzill Basics and Kraft, twine; Doodlebug Designs, tape and tags; K & Company, ink; Sharpie and Uni-Ball, mists; Ranger

Emily Pitts says, “Paula and I talk to each other many times in a week, but not over the phone. We have our Google Chat windows open while we’re working and when we have something to share, or just want to say hi, we’ll send a little message through Chat. It sounds like a BOOP! So we started calling it that. We boop each other regularly and I wanted to record that part of my day to day in this layout.” 

We Boop by Emily Pitts | Supplies: cardstock by Bazzill Basics; Patterned papers by Crate (green flowers and wood), Elle’s Studio (red w/ cream polkadots); felt flowers by American Crafts; brads by Basic Grey; Alphabets by Sassafras (green), Pink Paislee (wood), and Basic Grey (white chipboard); wood arrows by Freckle Fawn; stickers by Simple Stories (“hello”) and My Mind’s Eye (friend); pen by Staedtler; floss by DMC; adhesive by Aleene’s and Scrapbook Adhesives.

Photos now come from webcams and phones (and selfies are a byproduct).

Dina Wakley says, “This layout is about the passage time (wow, I have THREE layouts about that–guess what has been on my mind?). The photos are all webcam photos that I took of me and my son. They show the passage of time as he has gotten older over the last few years. I wanted the page to show time passing and how it just seems to get faster and the years seem to accumulate so quickly!”

Time Flies by Dina Wakley | Supplies: Cardstock by Bazzill, ink by Dylusions for Ranger, alphabet by American Crafts, tag by Jenni Bowlin Studios, paper by Basic Grey, clocks by Jenni Bowlin Studios.

Time Flies by Dina Wakley | Supplies: Cardstock by Bazzill, ink by Dylusions for Ranger, alphabet by American Crafts, tag by Jenni Bowlin Studios, paper by Basic Grey, clocks by Jenni Bowlin Studios.

Debbie Hodge says, “When I saw my three nieces, dressed up for a wedding shower, snuggled together on my mom’s porch bench I went to get my camera thinking they made a pretty picture. Before I could get my shot, Hannah was taking a portrait herself with her phone camera. I wanted to get these pretty photos showing them doing what teens do onto the page — to capture the times and a shot of them in action.”

Selfie Time by Debbie Hodge | Supplies: Emma’s Shoppe, On Trend by Crate Paper; Melon Sorbet, Sup? by Karla Dudley; Worn by Sahlin Studio; Daily Bulletin by One Little Bird; Anchored by Allison Pennington; Coconuts by Sara Gleason; Read by Pixel Gypsy; Collageables No 4, Little Layette by Katie Pertiet; Sweet Nothings Alpha by Lisa Sisneros; Cut Outs by Robyn Meierotto; Stringbats by Kim Jenson; Vitality, Night Before Christmas Artplay Palettes, Stitched by Anna White by Anna Aspnes; County Fair by Dani Mogstad; Whimsy Borderlines by Andrea Victoria; Amelie fonts

Phone texts and emails are how we communicate — with new speed and frequency.

Debbie Hodge says, “My oldest son reprimands me if I use abbreviations in texting — or if I misspell things or leave out words. I thought he was just being difficult to be difficult until I got some recent texts from him that surprised me in their particularity and formality of language. I wanted to record his proper and official texting “voice” — which actually isn’t all that far from his speaking voice.”

Language Stickler by Debbie Hodge | Patterned Paper: Sketchbook by Amy Tangerine, Emmas Shoppe by Crate Paper; Alphas: Between the Lines No 3 by Katie Pertiet, Snipped and Clipped by Two More Days; Flair and feather: I Am A Prince by Little Butterfly Wings; Paper snips: Sketchbook by Amy Tangerine (arrow/chevron), Ordinary Special by Kaye Winiecki (heart on red); Fox, journaler: 5th and Frolic by Dear Lizzy; Stitching: Straight Line Stitched Orange by Anna Aspnes; Shadows by Sahlin Studio; Bohemian Typewriter Font

Debbie Hodge says, “When my son went to Game Design Camp the first year, I thought for sure we’d hear from him — he had access to his phone for texting and his computer for emailing or skyping for hours each day. He was busy, though. Here’s the one email we received from him. I love how it covers so much territory from food to weather to activity. While I could have just copied the text of the message, I took a screen capture of the email on my screen to keep the look of how I first read it.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Debbie Hodge | Get It Scrapped

Letter From Camp by Debbie Hodge | Supplies: Innovation by Sahlin Studio; Classic Curled Photo Frames, Metal Alpha by Katie Pertiet; Bibliophile by Audrey Neal; Going Places by Rebecca Wagler; Bohemian Typewriter font

Official emails are a great record of events and achievements.

Heather Awsumb used the text from an email announcing her promotion as the journaling for this page. Not only does it celebrate her promotion it’s a wonderful record of all she’s achieved before since those details are included in the announcement.

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Heather Awsumb | Get It Scrapped

Big Promotion by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Katie Pertiet: Linen Buttons Little Woodsy, Almost There Element Pack, Classic Cardstock: Little Layette, Gator Crossing Element Pack, Basic Tags No 1, Clean Stitched Banners White No 1, Filmstrip Frame Brushes No 1, Bunny Slope Blue Element Pack, Splatters No 3; One Little Bird with Paislee Press: Day Planner Kit; One Little Bird:These Walls Kit; Anna Aspnes: Stitched by Anna White No 1; Patti Knox:DIY Acrylic Alpha No 2; Cathy Zielske:Dotted and Dashed Frames; Jacque Larsen: Fancy Alphas


Social media updates create portraits of loved ones — and companies.

Sue Althouse says, “This page is about how much I enjoy my son’s Twitter posts. He is grown up, married and living in another state, but I can still catch glimpses of his sense of humor, opinions and attitudes through social media. I printed a small collection of his tweets that best reveals his personality to create this page.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Sue ALthouse| Get It Scrapped

His Tweets by Sue Althouse | Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper, Letter Stickers, Stickers, Flair: Simple Stories; Alphabets: American Crafts; Corner Rounder: Creative Memories

Debbie Hodge says, “Over the last 10 years we’ve had several instances of multi-day power outages. This page is from a series of pages during an outage. I grabbed the twitter feed from out power company, PSNH, to add information to the page.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Debbie Hodge | Get It Scrapped

Power Outage by Debbie Hodge | Supplies: Jesse Edwards and Katie Pertiet

Social media updates and conversations make great page topics.

Ronnie Crowley saved her daughter’s facebook update wishing for inclement weather on a day when her wish came true and paired it with a photo of her daughter in bed smiling.

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Ronnie Crowley | Get It Scrapped

Life is Good by Ronnie Crowley

The title of Carrie Arick‘s page came from a comment left on her facebook page when she posted this picture. Carrie says, “I’d taken this silly photo and was hesitant to share it on Facebook because I can see my hair turning gray for the first time, but I did it anyway. The title is a comment made by one of my childhood friends (and I was reminded the only who notices my graying hair is me).”  

“I wanted to create a page that was fun, but also a little unstable. The feeling of getting of my first gray hairs threw me and then having a kitten on your head is a little harrowing. I purposely let the top of my page feel just a little heavy. The lace on the bottom gives the the photo a soft place to land, should it fall. The vintage, worn elements mixed with the modern fonts reinforce the theme of young and old.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Carrie Arick | Get It Scrapped

Did you do something different with your hair by Carrie Arick | Supplies: Blagovesta Gosheva: Things I Love About You; Fonts: Trashy Butterfly, The X-Files, Waterfalls

Ronnie Crowley used a funny facebook update from her daughter as title, focal point, and driver of this page.

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Ronnie Crowley | Get It Scrapped

Nerd Christmas by Ronnie Crowley


The ability to stream TV shows and movies has changed home entertainment.

Stefanie Semple says, “I googled high resolution images from the internet to document my series favourites. These change so often and sometimes without warning a show is cancelled and easily slips into the forgotten area of my brain. This way we can reminisce and remember what we loved watching way back when.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Stefanie Semple | Get It Scrapped

Addict by Stefanie Semple | Supplies: Couch Potato by Jennifer Labre

Debbie says, “For the first class in the Story Coach series, I tackled the topic of how I ‘play’ and how that play has changed. One of my favorite ways to play is to watch tv series — in binge marathons. 8 years of Monk in a month, the single season of Firefly in a weekend with my oldest son, and the 4 years of Modern Family watched over and over with my youngest son. I checked out my Netflix and Amazon Prime watchlists and then grabbed image clips from the web promoting the shows I watched to make this page.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Debbie Hodge | Get It Scrapped

Story Love by Debbie Hodge | Fatherhood by Robyn Meierotto; A Bit Worn, Life’s a Ride by Valerie Wibbens; Stitched by Anna Baby Blue, Artplay Ex Libris by Anna Aspnes; Juicy ; Peach Alpha by Karla Dudley; Juicy Fruit Alpha by Dawn by Design; Vintage Frames No 24 by Katie Pertiet; TV Series images from the internet; Bohemian Typewriter font; Images from Internet promo for shows

Shopping now longer requires leaving home.

Debbie Hodge says, “I’ve never liked shopping, and Amazon has made it so easy for me. I made this page by going through several months of my past orders and grabbing the images and product descriptions. I can see the books we were reading, specialty groceries, used textbooks, a gift for my mom, supplies for my business and our home, and even the beach chairs we got that summer.  I use SnagIt to grab captures of screen bits and I quilted them together in photoshop, topping them with digital stitches.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Debbie Hodge | Get It Scrapped

To My Door by Debbie Hodge | Supplies: Paislee Press, Amy Wolff, Anna Aspnes, Crystal Wilkerson

Internet services have become a big part of business and family budgets.

Debbie Hodge says, “Most of my business costs are for web services. I made this page 2 years ago, listing web services I purchase and the prices paid. I need to update it because things have changed significantly in this time.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Debbie Hodge | Get It Scrapped

The Cost of Doing Business by Debbie Hodge | Supplies: Westover by One Little Bird

Games are played on screens now–and you don’t have to play alone!

Debbie Hodge says, “When my son told me that we could play one of our favorite board games together with an app on our phones, I was reluctant. And then we had time to kill in a coffee shop and started playing Ticket to Ride. It was MORE fun because this is a game with so many pieces and ways to keep points. The app made it all faster. And when my son went to bed, I just kept on playing against the appbots. I grabbed a screen capture of the game and put it at the center of a crossing of tracks made with ticket strips.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Debbie Hodge | Get It Scrapped

Ticket to Ride by Debbie Hodge | Chuff Chuff by Lynn Grieveson; Daily Planner by One Little Bird; Artplay Woodland, Stitched by Anna Brown by Anna Aspnes; Brad Bonanza, Staple Its by Pattie Knox; Journaling Strip Masks, Doily Edgers by Katie Pertiet; Kraft Party by Robyn Meierotto; A Spring Day by Sahlin Studio; Ancienne Vivid by Quirky Twerp; Great Vibe, Bohemian Typewriter fonts

Christy Strickler says, “My son loves to chat with his friends while he plays video games. It’s not unusual for him to be in an on-line chat, using his tablet for skype and even calling a friend on the phone all at the same time. I used a vintage telephone and used vintage papers and receipts to create the layout. All of them represent older forms of communication. The bingo card represents his love of gaming. I converted the photo to black and white so that it would better fit the vintage vibe of the layout.”

Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media | Christy Strickler | Get It Scrapped

Multmedia Kid by Christy Strickler |SuppliesPatterned Paper, Ephemera, Badge: Jenni Bowlin; Letters,Stamp: American Crafts; Flowers: Webster’s Pages; Buttons, Stickers: Basic Grey; Jewel: Prima; Punch: Fiskars; Other: twine, digital stamp

 You’ve probably got your own pages driven by current technologies — link them up in the comments below and/or add them to our gallery. We’d love to see them and leave you a comment.