I’m writing my life story, one piece at a time, and you can learn how to write a memoir this way, too.

Last night I finished “In Transit.” It’s the story of a recent roadtrip. And it’s more. The┬ádetails of one day of travel became a springboard that let me explore hopes and challenges in my life right now. It’s definitely not the fictional Murder on the Orient Express, but I used fiction writing techniques to make my personal story come alive.

You can do this, too. You can write your own memoir piece by piece, with Story Coach.

In the Story Coach classes, I have coupled writing prompts with a step-by-step writing guide to teach you how to write memoir. You add your writing responses to prompts that are presented in an order that makes sense for an initial free-write. And then you follow a step-by-step writing guide that has you weaving those prompted writings together in a well-crafted, well-paced story with a punch at the end. (What’s especially cool is that you can save and edit all of these notes with the Story Coach engine–and then get your writing guide formatted to include them/)

I LOVE these classes and how they let me teach you to craft a well-written and meaningful story without hiring a personal writing coach. I studied fiction and creative non-fiction for almost 20 years, at the University of New Hampshire, at the Bennington Writers’ Workshop, and in small private workshops at the home of C. Michael Curtis, Atlantic Monthly Senior Editor.

I have the education and practice to write creative non-fiction and memoir well. And now, with Story Coach, I have a technical mechanism that allows me to teach these skills in an affordable way.

You can do this. And you should do it — now. On any given day the story you tell about a particular incident will change, colored by your current situation.

Put these stories on scrapbook pages or in a journal. Share them or tuck them away. But do get them told.

As you use the Story Coach prompts and guides, you will learn how to weave a well-paced story, how to pick the right details to share, and how to drop in the bits of dialog and action that make a story believable and meaningful.


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