A grid structure is a solid layout starter, with a stable foundation that offers eye-catching options for organizing all the pieces of a scrapbook page:


the pretty papers, embellishments and photos that tell your stories. Five teachers with an affinity for grid and blocked designs share the details of why they like grids and the many creative ways they use them. Paper scrapbookers Lisa Dickinson, Doris Sander, and Summer Fullerton along with digital scrapbookers Lynnette Penacho and Tiffany Tillman have ideas and examples to inspire all scrapbookers. Sign up today and immediately access the 250 page e-book and be ready for the 10 live events during the next 2 months (all of which are also recorded in video and audio formats).

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Grids and blocks includes:

  • three overarching benefits to the grid
  • options for “compartment” shape and size
  • ideas and go-to techniques for filling the many small “homes” in a blocked arrangement
  • explicit and implicit approaches for defining rows and columns
  • techniques for achieving flow and balance on grid designs
  • approaches for incorporating the breaks that ground and add visual interest
  • the twists, tucks, frames and layers that yield creative grid looks
  • the work a blocked base can do on a scrapbook page
  • embellishment approaches built on grids
  • hybrid grid designs that yield more complex pages and belie the simple blocked start

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