by Debbie Hodge

Since I finished the newest Scrapbook Coach Class “Symmetry,” several lines from Jane Siberry’s geek-girl song of the same name are running through my head.

I’ve been singing them to my family: “Symmetry is the way things have to be-e-e-e-e-e.” and “You can’t chop down a symmetry, symmetry, symmetry!”

I went looking for the song on youtube this morning and found youtuber swanstep had set Siberry’s song to a symmetrical dance number from Dames choreographed by Busby Berkely.

Please, check it out. The lyrics and the dancing will have you inspired and thinking about symmetry with a new appreciation.



Get started exploring symmetry on your scrapbook pages. 

Grab this class so that you can make pages with drama and appeal. Enjoy the process!Symmetrical visual design

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