Because I contributed to Everyday Storyteller 1 last year (and because we are sponsors of the launch party), I’ve already got a copy of Everyday Storyteller 2, and I’m mucho impressed-o.[twocol_one]

The book is available now. Click here.

There are 33 contributors – digital and paper scrapbookers, journalers, photographers, memory keepers. Many of these contributors have taught for Get It Scrapped/Masterful Design: Kelly Purkey, Amanda Jones, Karen Grunberg, Amy Mallory, Lisa Dickinson, Leah Farquharson, Lain Ehmann, Lynnette Penacho, and Krista Sahlin.

The book is 83 pages. Jennifer does a fantastic job of editing the text and accompanying illustrations to GET TO THE POINT while sharing USEABLE IDEAS and TECHNIQUES.

The first section is called Capturing Moments and includes ideas for getting the raw materials for your pages — the facts and the photos. Amy Mallory’s “Freshen Up Your Photographic Point of View” has several clever ideas I’m definitely going to try, and I’m already putting ideas to work from Catherine Davis’ “Crop Your Photos for Maximum Impact.” Elisha Snow’s article is on capturing emotion in your photos and it’s a must-read. I could go on: Tangie Baxter weighs in on creating with Instagram photos and Kelly Purkey shares ideas for food photos! 

The second section is called Telling Stories and some of my favorite storytellers weigh in. Wendy Smedly, Karen Grunberg, Amanda Jones, and Jennifer Wilson cover crucial areas of storytelling from finding your best stories, to connecting stories across time, capturing voice, and getting funny stories on the page. Amy Sorenson’s concept of telling layered stories is a new concept to me–and one that I’m inspired by and anxious to try.

The final section of the book focuses on the creating of scrapbook pages. Mechanics that can make the work easy and design approaches that inspire and take your “looks” new places are covered here.  I love that Jill Sprott comes at the topic of design unity via . . . journaling! I can never get enough of Lisa Dickinson on grids, and I’m still figuring out the idea of Project Life and pocket scrapbooking so appreciate the pieces on these topics.

As with the first Everyday Storyteller, the pricing is affordable and you can have the pdf on your screen immediately. The book is a well organized and inspiring resource. Click here to purchase.[/twocol_one]