Amanda created this home-décor canvas by adding a geometric pattern cut from old magazine pages to a background of modelling paste and paint. She added old embellishments and vintage items to finish it off. The total cost of supplies added to this canvas is less than $1.

Trends don’t arise in a void. They happen in the midst of and as a result of current events, social issues, the economy, entertainment, consumer mood, and technology.

In the last year, technology has made personal electronic die cutting machines affordable and easy to use. Crafters love them, and we’re seeing a proliferation of designs that make use of cuts in a variety of ways.

Amanda Jones is a papercrafter who has embraced the technology. Every day she looks for new ways to use this tool for her projects and scrapbook pages.

Amanda says, “I admit, I am an addict and I’m not afraid to say it! I love my Silhouette Cameo and use it every chance I get.”

“It’s not just because I love the looks I can get. It’s also economics. Since I purchased my Cameo machine, I’m spending a fraction of the money I used to spend on new scrapbook supplies.

I buy just a few papers from new collections I love, and make them go a long way. I try out new trends by buying inexpensive cutting files as well as designing my own die-cut shapes.

With a few die-cuts and the addition one or two on-trend embellishments, I can get my fix of what I like right now, without filling my space with packages of supplies I’ll likely never use. My pile of hoarded papers from years gone by is getting used regularly. By the time I’ve cut something fun and new from it, it is barely recognizable as that ancient pattern from 2003.

Making custom titlework is just one of the things Amanda uses her Silhouette for.

Amanda works with both positive and negative cuts — and that’s where the creative possibilities really take off. Title and bursts on this page are positive cuts, while the spiral burst is a negative cut in the canvas backed up by painted kraft.

Amanda’s new class “Silhouette 101” gives you the how-tos and design approaches she’s developed over the past year — but in 4 weeks. This class provides the instructions you need to get started on day 1 and then takes you deeper so that you’ll be comfortable designing your own cuts. Additionally, Amanda provides a weekly “process” video that gets you thinking about creative and original ways to use the cuts on your own projects.

Class starts on October 29 and registration closes Nov 1. Use your Cameo to make holiday cards, decor, and scrapbook pages this year. Click here to register.

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