by Michelle Houghton

I am ready for the summer warmth and sun so I designed a watermelon wedge to share with all of you.  I will also show you how to add a full watermelon to your page.

I used R22, R24, R29, YG13, YG17 and 110 (special black) on my watermelon wedge. Any black will work including a sketch pen or any other marker, for that matter.  I added YG0000 and YG11 to the other YG’s to complete my full watermelon and used a Multi-liner to draw the outline.

Here is the page of wedges ready to print out.  I used the blank space on my page to add a couple full circles with my Multi-liner that will become my full melon. Click here to download printable.


Step #1

Using R22, fill in the majority of the meat of the watermelon wedge.  I am not worried about going over the seeds. I will be turning them black so it will cover the red.

Step #2

Using R24, feather from the rind inward on the meat of the melon.

Step #3

I added one more shade of red with my R29, again feathering from the rind inward on the melon.

Step #4

Using first the R24 and then the R22, blend the three reds together.

Step #5

Use your YG13 to fill in the outer skin of the watermelon.

Step #6

I added just a stripe of YG17 to the very outer edge of the watermelon and blended it back in with my YG13.

Step #7

To finish my wedge I filled in the seeds with black.

Step #8

I drew a simple circle with my Multi-liner on my cardstock.

Step #9

Using YG0000 I filled in my whole circle.  If you do not have this color skip to the next step, no biggie.

Step #10

I used YG11 next and drew curved lines from the top of my melon to the bottom.  I used a side to side short sketchy stroke.

Step #11

Next I used YG13 and followed the same arching lines from top to bottom.  This layer sits inside of my YG11 layer.

Step #12

YG17 is my last layer and I used the side to side stroke to put one narrow strip down the center of each band of color.

Step #13

I went back through my colors starting with YG13, then YG11 and YG0000 and went over the areas where the colors overlap.  I purposefully left the sketchy lines showing so I have the look of a real melon.  I just softened where they overlap each other.

Happy juicy melon coloring!

Bio-shot-2011-150Michelle Houghton is a wife, mother and artist living in Iowa. Even before she began scrapbooking, she was a lifelong artist, majoring in Fine Arts at the University of Oregon and then teaching high school art for 7 years. Michelle has been scrapbooking for more than 15 years and she enjoys adding her own art, doodles and handmade elements to her pages for a one-of-a-kind look.

Michelle teaches doodling, Copics, handlettering and more at workshops throughout the country. She writes tutorials at Get It Scrapped and is an instructor for Imagination International Inc., the US distributor of Copic products. The best way to learn more about Michelle is at her website,