by Debbie Hodge

Sometimes it takes just one detail to spark inspiration for an entire page. Here are five scrapbook page details  that recently caught my eye. Which one will you try?

1. Outline alphas, embellishments, photos –even the details in a photo– with black pen.

image Layout by Keandra Willis

image Layout by Keandra Willis

Keandra Willis likes outlining elements with a black pen—sometimes even working for a comic-book look. Notice how she’s outlined alphas, scallops, photo corners, even her own features in the photo on the layout at top. She created faux-stitching around the 2nd layout with her pen. (From Masterful Scrapbook Design “Fast Starts” issue.)

2. Lay out your design in quarters and then “quarter a quarter.”

imageLayout by Lynnette Penacho

There are actually several ideas to lift from this page by Lynnette Penacho, beginning with her clever repetitions of a square divided into quarters. How about balancing your photo against a same-sized block filled with an intricate cluster of embellishments. Another detail to note here is how Lynnette placed three ribbon bits on three different blocks: each of them exiting on a different side of the larger block.  (From Masterful Scrapbook Design “Fast Starts” issue.)

3. Ground your page elements to the canvas with hand-drawn lines.

image Layout by Vee Jennings

Vee Jennings often draws a line or two leading into her element grouping and then one or two more exiting on the other side. (From Masterful Scrapbook Design “Fast Starts” issue.)

imageLayout by Vee Jennings

4. Make a visual triangle of small and simple elements, placing them at the outer edges of your element grouping or block.

imageLayout by Michelle Clement

Notice the three small spots of orange surrounding the inner grouping of page elements on Michelle Clement’s page here. The three spots on the triangle are: 1) two cross-stitches with a straight stitch at top, 2) two brads at top right, and 3) a cross-stitch and straight stitch at bottom right. The mixing of homey cross stitches with sleek brads is a great incorporation of repetitions with variety.  (From Masterful Scrapbook Design “Smorgasbord” issue.)

5. Hang a tag with a LONG string

Layout by Emily Pitts

Emily Pitts added a tag descending from a cloud on “pbffth…” The string is tied through a hole made by a bright red eyelet.  (From Masterful Scrapbook Design “Smorgasbord” issue.)