Making a birthday page? Use these “quickstarts” to get ideas for your page motifs, embellishments, wordart, titles, and fonts.

Hallmark Images of Birthdays   |   Birthday Sayings and Phrases   |   Fonts for Birthday Pages

This series provides “starter” lists for making scrapbook pages on a particular subject. Each post includes a list of hallmark images and motifs associated with the theme as well as phrases and sayings, and fonts well-suited for the subject. Use these “starters” to jumpstart your creative process and come up with layout ideas. It’s all about the quickstart — check it out and see where it takes you. Click here for more themes.

hallmark images/motifs of birthdays

  • cake
  • gifts
  • balloons
  • candles
  • streamers
  • banners/ pennants
  • clowns
  • ice cream
  • party hats

Look for these images in your paper stash, your stamps, brushes or rubons. Or find a digital product or clip art or magazine photo you could transfer. The idea is to get the process started.

phrases associated with birthdays

These are phrases commonly used around birthdays. Use them to make titles or embellishments or, again, to spur your ideas. They are shown rendered in fonts that work well on birthday pages – the name of each font is below the phrase and links to the fonts are in the next section.

  • celebrate
  • party time
  • surprise
  • make a wish
  • happy birthday
  • you are 1 (or 2 or 50 or . . .)
  • blow out the candles


These fonts would be great for birthday titles or embellishments–or to emphasize selected words in the journaling.