What are the balancing acts in your life right now?

Are you trying to get enough exercise to feel good about that big ice cream cone you had last night? Maybe you’re balancing saving and spending money. Perhaps you’re getting up a little earlier so that you’ll be done with work in time to spend time with family or friends.

Balance is about mixing and matching, giving and taking. It’s about placing two small stones on one side of the scale to balance the single large stone.

When the different parts of your life are in balance with one another, your days are easier to navigate. When the parts of a scrapbook page are in balance with one another, you’ve got a page that’s pleasing to look at and that tells your story well.

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That wraps up the lesson on balance. The next one you’ll receive covers the final design principle in this class—Flow. After that, we’ll move onto the five page parts: journaling, photos, title, embellishments, and canvas.


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