by Tami Taylor

Look for “One Month at a Time” on the 1st of each month in 2010. Tami Taylor gives you a sketch and prompts for getting monthly memories scrapped . . . “one month at a time.” 

I tried. I tried to play Ali Edwards A Week in the Life, but lasted a day before I forgot to keep my camera with me. Let’s be honest, even if I had kept up, an SD card full of photos of me hanging out on Get It Scrapped doesn’t a mini-album make.

If you tried and did better than me you probably have more photos than you need for your One Month at a Time layout. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do too badly. When the weather got nice I was able to take Zach and Keagan out to play. That’s always a fun scene for practicing my camera skills! Since we moved, it’s been even more fun because we actually have a yard. If you know anything about Vegas, you know yards are hard to come by.


I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed just ‘wasting’ time with my boys. I may not have accomplished much from my to-do list but I can definitely check off “Play”. My favorite was playing with Zach’s pirate ship in our pool.

image Here’s a sketch for scrapbooking your April activities. Download the sketch in a pdf with measurements.Download the layered template for digital pages.

image I wondered if I should be upset by all the unfinished business I have from April. I decided that was ridiculous. None of those things is so important to waste time or energy stressing over. In that moment I thought of the book The Happiness Project (yet another “I tried”). I got the book because Debbie talked about it and it sounded like something I would enjoy. I did enjoy it, and completely enjoy the message. Other members have the book and we even have a forum. I may not be as in depth as others reading and exercising the books ideas, but it has played a part in my life since I got it. I think of one thing each month to work on or try. Last month, in my “I tried” month, was a focus on not sweating the things that didn’t get done. I’ve had months where things don’t get done, but before I’d spend too much wasted time and energy worrying about what will happen because I didn’t finish these things. April was a good month. I can honestly say there isn’t anything I didn’t get done that matters. (Don’t quote me on that when I get fined by the HOA for my dirt patch yard.)

This month, I’m going to pick something a tad on the cheesy side. I’m going to think of the word “maybe” whenever I’m asked a question. (Get it? MAYbe?) It may not be the answer I give, but I want to remind myself to keep an open mind. No quick responses, but a moment of pause to think. I get in the habit of saying “no” so much; I honestly forget that sometimes it’s ok to say yes. Letting Zach have one piece of candy before dinner isn’t going to ruin his appetite. It will make him think I’m the coolest mom in the world, even if only until he sees what’s for dinner. Letting Austin have 3 friends crash at our house for a video game marathon may not work out, they may wake Keagan. However, they may not. I won’t know that unless I say yes.

This leads me to challenge you. What is something that you may want to work on? Have you read The Happiness Project? If so, come share your thoughts and experiences in our forum. In the month of May, challenge yourself to work on one thing. Before you feel too sorry for me and all my unfinished business, remember the layout above means I’m all caught up scrapbooking 2010 One Month at a Time!

If you’re ready to get April done, get clicking!

And . . . . don’t forget to be keeping track of May, with these prompts and ideas of things to capture this month.

imageDownload pdf with May prompts and ideas.