By Amy Kingsford

finishedbouquet I don’t know about you, but I love the way a bouquet of fresh flowers can bring a smile to your face by reminding you that someone LOVES you!

Unfortunately between a two year old, cats, and allergies, fresh flowers aren’t exactly suited to our home.  So each year at Mother’s Day, my husband struggles to find a sweet little something to bring home and thank me for being the mother of his child.  This year we’ve found the perfect solution to this problem by creating our very own “Scrap Bouquet.”

The idea behind our fun little family project was to create a flower bouquet from leftover scrapbooking supplies, recyclables, and household odds and ends that would last from year and that my husband and son could add to each year.  To begin, I created the first few flowers, to give my husband some ideas and so that I would have enough blooms to show off my Mother’s Day gift!

My husband then designed his very own flower and helped my son to make one as well.  As this tradition continues I hope to see my Mother’s Day bouquet grow, along with my family’s creativity and love!  Here’s a short tutorial so that you can get started on your own “Scrap Bouquet” for Mom this year!


Leftover Ribbon, Fabric, Paper, etc
Recyclables and Household Odds and Ends
Hot Glue


Step 1– Treat your dowels with the finishes of your choice (i.e. paint, ink, etc.) The dowels will serve as your flower stems…so I have painted some of mine varying colors of green, while I have inked others and the rest I have left unfinished.

Step 2– Design and construct your very own blooms using a variety of scraps and odds and ends.  Not sure where to start…check out these fantastic flower tutorials for inspiration.


Step 3– Adhere your blooms to their stems using hot glue.

Step 4– Arrange your flowers in your vase.

Step 5– Now put your new floral arrangement where you can see it every day and watch your Mother’s Day Memories bloom for years to come!
Happy Mother’s Day, All!