by Doris Sander

I enjoy finding inspiration in my own home based on things I’ve already loved so much that I’ve allowed them to take up residence.  Believe it or not, I actually found the inspiration for this mini-album that I made for my sister from an old pair of Gap khakis.

The cardstock pages, twill labels, Avery tags, and sheer fluffy bows are all in lovely shades of khaki—one of my absolute favorite colors.  The idea for the patterned paper pockets came from the front pockets of that same pair of pants. The pockets are stuffed with tags that have 2” x 3” photos attached to the front and the backs left blank for my sister’s journaling.

This album could be adapted to make a wonderful gift for a variety of events.  For a baby shower, each guest could write a bit of advice for the mother-to-be on tags. Make an album for a grandparent’s birthday, asking each grandchild to draw a picture or write a sweet note to go on the back of tags with their photos attached to the front.

How to make this mini album

This mini was easy to make!

1. Make the pages by cutting one sheet of cardstock into six 4” x 6” inch. Punch three holes along the side of each.

2.Make the front and back covers from plain chipboard cut to 4-1/16” x 6” and covered with patterned paper.

3. To begin pockets, cut (6) 4” x 8.25” blocks from double-sided patterned paper.  Fold each in half as shown, and score the fold well.

4. Make a mark one inch down along the unfolded side.  Place a ruler from this mark up to the top corner of the folded side.  Trace along the ruler with a pencil and then cut along the line you just drew.

5. Snip down a half inch along the fold.  Fold down a flap as shown and score well.

6. Once you have all six (or more if you choose) folded, stitch the flaps down as shown.

Refold your patterned paper blocks and slip each onto one of the precut cardstock blocks.  Sew across the bottom of the patterned paper about a quarter inch up from the bottom.

Now sew down the side of each page about a half inch in.

For the tags, simply freehand an outline around each, tie the top strings into bows, adhere photos and add your journaling.  Slip the tags into your pockets and attach a label to each.

Now all you have left to do is add a simple title and embellishment to the front, some jump rings, and some lovely fluffy bows.  Fabulous!

All supplies from the American Crafts I Do line.