HI! My name is Michelle Houghton. I have been scrapbooking for over ten years. I started when my husband and I got married. I bought the boxed starter set from Wal-mart and was in love. Even before I began scrapbooking, I have been a lifelong artist, majoring in Fine Arts at the University of Oregon and then teaching high school art for 7 years before having my first kiddo. My style has changed dramatically over the years from decorative scissors and as many photos as you can cram onto one page to layouts that take a little more time and include a lot of handmade elements and journaling. If I have a style or signature it is probably doodling. The pages I create that I like the most are ones that include my own art on them somewhere. I am currently a busy stay-at-home Mom to two beautiful girls and a husband in Iowa. I am thrilled to be teaching again and especially on Debbie’s amazing site. I have learned a ton about scrapping in the classes I have taken here myself. My blog.