Scrapbooking Events


Holidays, parties, personal and family milestones, celebrations, outings, vacation, and travel all fall into the category of “events.”

I approach scrapbooking events photos separately from everyday life photos or moments photos for a couple of reasons. First, the volume of photos from an event is often quite substantial, and figuring out how to scrapbook them requires culling, selecting the keepers, sometimes planning multiple pages, and looking for smart groupings. Also, there is a shape–or anatomy–that many events share, and thinking about this shape is helpful in deciding which photos to include and how to organize multiple layouts from one event.

The anatomy of an event may include one of more of the following. Think about these parts of the event as you take photos and as you scrapbook these event photos (and even memorabilia).

  • preparations
  • decorations
  • people
  • activities
  • moments
  • stories

this post is not complete: more to come asap 11/15